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Here you will find all sorts of delectable European cured meats, sausages and salamis! Browse our collection of handcrafted delicacies and check out our new online shop where you will find a fine selection of our signature dry salamis.  

- Love your Mortadella -

The finest Eastern European mortadella - LUBITELSKAYA

-The Original Smoked Bologna-

We took an Eastern European classic and turned it into something so flavorful and new. Our siganture bologna is finished with natural hardwood smoke giving this bologna a silky smoooth texture and a hearty smoky bite.

Introducing Our New Line of Italian Classics

Our new line of Italian salamis is an ode to salami artisans throught Italy. It is a modern collection of premium Italian salamis inspired by traditional Italian recipes and handcrafted using masterful old world techniques.  From the mountain towns of Calabria to the metropolis that is Milan, our salami collection is as vast as Italy itself. 

Online Shop Opening Soon

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