Cooked Salamis

Our collection of premium cooked salamis includes European classics like Cervelat and the ever popular all beef version.  All of the salamis are handcrafted in small batches from natural beef and pork.  They are flavored with traditional spices like garlic and black pepper and finished with natural hardwood smoke.  Akin to American summer sausage, our cooked salamis are perfect for sandwiches, party platters and midday snacks.  Our cooked salamis are available sliced to order at your local deli counter or in pre-packed grab-and-go chubs.


Beef Cervelat

Made with natural choice cuts of beef and simply flavored with garlic, salt and pepper this cooked salami is a Eastern European favorite.  It has a very distinct beef flavor and aroma and can be enjoyed the traditional way - on a piece of dark rye bread and butter or cubed as part of a modern charcuterie plate.  


.Classic Cervelat

Made with premium choice cuts of pork and beef, our Classic Cervelat is crafted using one of the oldest recipes.  Simply flavored with garlic, salt and pepper, this Eastern European favorite is finished with all natural hardwood smoke.  


Moscow Brand Cooked Salami

Crafted with a mix of select cuts of pork and beef, our Moscow Brand Cooked Salami is made using an old Eastern European recipe and our own signature spice blend.  It is rich and flavorful.  Deep burgundy in color and studded with delectable cubes of pork fat.  

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