About Us


This is Felix!  The man behind Gurman Quality Meats.  Felix used to live in Ukraine.  He loved his family, America and all kinds of traditional cured meats and sausages.  So one day Felix packed up his family, moved to the United States and opened Gurman.    

Of course Felix's story has a few more riveting details.  It was 1989 when Felix first arrived in Chicago with just four suitcases and five hundred dollars in his pocket.  He was determined to create a better life for his family but starting a business was not in the cards way back then.  For years Felix did odd jobs.  He drove a taxi.  He delivered pizza.  Although times were hard, Felix never lost sight of his dreams.  

While America offered so many new foods and flavors, Felix pined for the authentic tastes from back home.  The tang of traditional bolognas.  The richness of salamis finished with hardwood smoke.  He couldn't find the studded mortadellas or fine liver pates he adored.  So Felix set out to recreate the flavors he once savored.  In his spare time, Felix started making sausages and salamis at home.   He ground select cuts of meat and flavored the mixtures with fine spices and herbs.  He hand stuffed the salamis and hung them up to dry around the house.  After months of testing and perfecting - a collection of Eastern European classics was born.  

Felix started selling his specialty meats in 2000 and opened Gurman in 2003. Ever since then he has continued to handcraft the finest cured meats and sausages using old world recipes and traditional techniques.  But Felix's story doesn't end there... 

Obsessed with the art of charcuterie and inspired by all the new tastes and flavors of his new homeland, Felix set out to master the craft of sausage making around the globe.  After years of traveling and learning from artisan salami makers around Europe, Felix expanded Gurman's signature salami line to include other favorite salamis from Italy, France, Spain and beyond.  

He is particularly proud of his line of modern Italian Classics inspired by his travels throughout Italy. 

While Gurman has grown in size and capability, it has continued to be a closely run family business focused on producing the finest specialty meats, sausages and salamis. All of our products are still handcrafted in small batches from the highest-quality ingredients.  Our craft meats are proudly made with the same attention and precision as Felix made them in his kitchen at home.