Italian Classics


What began as a passionate journey through the vast culinary landscapes of Italy has culminated into a new collection of premium salamis.  Our collection of Italian Classics is our homage to traditional Italian recipes and masterful old world techniques. Rustic cuts of marbled pork are flavored with wines and aromatic spices. The salamis are cured and allowed to dry slowly until the perfect balance of bite and flavor is achieved.

From the mountain towns of Calabria to the metropolis that is Milan, our salami collection is as vast as Italy itself. Each salami distinct in character and flavor. From the mild and tangy Felino to the bold and robust Soppressata, all are crafted with skill, dedication and love. 


Alpi Dry Salami

Inspired by the unparalleled flavor and masterful craftsmanship of Prosciutto Di Parma, our Alpi Salami is a signature creation.  Crafted from premium cuts of ham and lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper, the salami is allowed to slowly dry until it develops its velvety smooth texture and signature salty-sweet bite.

Milano Dry Salami

One of the most well known of all Italian salamis, Milano has been a staple in old country farmhouses and villages for centuries.  Coarsely minced premium cuts of pork are moderately flavored with fragrant garlic and red wine giving this salami its signature fine grain and balanced flavor.

Felino Dry Salami

From the province of Parma in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, Felino is a legendary Italian classic.  Select cuts of pork are studded with flavorful fat and seasoned simply with sea salt, garlic, and white wine.  The salami is aged slowly to bring out its characteristic sweet taste and delicate aroma.

Casalingo Dry Salami

This rustic home-style classic is the most delicately flavored salami.  Premium cuts of pork are mildly spiced with sea salt and pepper giving Casalingo its subtle understated flavor.  Crafted to bring out the natural sweetness in the meat, Casalingo is a perfect addition to any antipasto platter. 

Diablo Dry Salami

This fiery smoky salami is our take on the traditional Salami Picante commonly found in Southern Italy.  Crafted from coarse cuts of premium pork and boldly flavored with paprika and red pepper flakes, Diablo exhibits a unique spicy kick with notes of fennel and red wine. 

Soppressata Dry Salami

Hailing from the Veneto region of Italy, this ancient salami is characterized by its deep red color and aromatic scent.  Premium cuts of pork are seasoned with an array of spices.  White wine and garlic permeate the meat adding intensity and flavor.  A bold and flavorful tradition.

Coppa Dry Salami
Our Coppa Salami is a fresh take on a traditional classic from Piacenza.  Hand trimmed pork shoulder is seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices and a touch of red wine.  Sliced paper thin, this tender flavorful salami is a perfect addition to any Italian antipasto spread.
All of out salamis are GLUTEN and MSG FREE